Mushrooms for Immunity and Health

Mushrooms for Immunity and Health

You are what you consume. If you put not-so-great things in your body, not-so-great things are likely to happen to your health and immunity. However, if you put the best foods, ingredients, and supplements in your body, the best is likely to happen. You’ll feel good and look good. And a lot of this feeling good comes from knowing that you’re making smart healthful decisions about how you eat, drink, supplement, and support your body. Our goal here at AHCC Research is to provide you with the information you need to make smart informed decisions about your health and immunity.
We know that nutrition and health science is constantly evolving as researchers and scientists are able to better understand the intricacies of the body. Not only do we know more now about how the body works but the food available to us has changed immensely. This combined knowledge can make it hard to know what to eat and why. One food that is getting lots of extra attention these days is the almighty mushroom. Now, of course we at AHCC Research are big fans of mushrooms. AHCC is after all derived from mushrooms.

AHCC and Mushrooms

While eating healthful nutritious food is key in helping you live a long healthy life, it does take more than eating the right foods to strengthen your immune system. To support the food you’re eating and your healthy lifestyle, supplements can give you the extra edge you need to support your body during times of stress, illness, or disease. This is where AHCC comes in AHCC is a nutritional supplement and a functional food. AHCC is not a species of mushroom but a unique compound extracted from the hybridization of several subspecies of mushrooms.
  • The first component of AHCC is shiitake mushrooms. These mushrooms have a rich history of healing powers.
  • The next ingredient is several hybrids from the Basidiomycota phylum of fungi. AHCC uses the mycelia (the hair like root structures of the mushroom).
  • The mycelia are cultured in rice bran extract, which has antiviral and immune system enhancing qualities.
  • The end result of the carefully monitored manufacturing process is AHCC.
This manufacturing process is characterized by four innovations:
  • Identification of the specific mushroom subspecies that creates an extract with superior NK cell activating power.
  • The cell culturing of the mycelia to ensure each batch is genetically identical to the original mother super-mushroom.
  • The patented culturing process to improve absorption and clinical efficiency.
  • The confirmation of mushroom identity through DNA pattern testing.
This gives you the best possible benefits from mushrooms scientifically enhanced to give your immune system the support it needs to protect you during times of stress, illness, disease, and everyday living. Eat the right foods, get enough sleep, focus on limiting stress, and rely on AHCC to turn up the dial on your natural immune response.

Mushrooms and Your Health

Yes, AHCC is an all-natural supplement derived from mushrooms, but this doesn’t mean you should stop eating mushrooms. Mushrooms are a superfood for good reasons. The health benefits, the versatility, and the ease of growing these vegetables – all points to why you should be eating and drinking mushrooms. AHCC works best when you’re treating your body well. And this means eating a diet rich in healthful foods. So, let’s dig into mushrooms and highlight some of their health benefits:
  • Shiitake mushrooms: these popular and meaty mushrooms contain eritadenine, this substance can encourage your body to absorb cholesterol and lower the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream.
  • Cordyceps mushrooms: this Chinese fungus is used as a tonic and has restorative properties. Known for enhancing athletic performance, many active people drink cordyceps mushroom tea or coffee.
  • Enoki mushrooms: this versatile mushroom is easy-to-cook and has some anticancer and immune-enhancing effects. A perfect way to enhance the capabilities of AHCC in improving your immune system.
  • Maitake mushrooms: these Japanese mushrooms are typically available in speciality Japanese markets. Buy either fresh, dried, or extracts of maitake. This mushroom has antiviral effects and can help managed blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Reishi mushrooms: reishi mushrooms are highly regarded for their health benefits and are best consumed in a beverage form. Many people buy ground reishi and use it to make tea – or alternatively, look for a commercially available mushroom drink that uses reishi as an ingredient.
Admittedly, the very best mushrooms for your health and immunity are the hardest to find. In fact, many of the health benefits that come with these true super-power mushrooms is hard to realize by simply adding for example, shiitake mushrooms to a soup. It’s for this specific reason that supplements such as AHCC exist – to give you the best of mushrooms in the easiest and most supportive format. All of us can benefit from eating more mushrooms and other vegetables.. When you’re at the grocery store, look for fresh mushrooms that are not bruised or discolored and cook them in sauces, soups, stir fries, or even on the grill. Know that just like eating carrots and potatoes, you’re getting many health benefits from eating mushrooms – but do not rely on mushroom soup to give your immune system the extra support it needs. For optimal health eat your fruits and vegetables. Get quality sources of protein such as, meat, fish, tofu, or beans. Enjoy your food. And take your AHCC and other supplements. Reap the rewards of a strengthened and supported immune system The mushrooms you eat and the AHCC you take are pieces of the big puzzle that makes up your health and wellness. Make sure you’ve got all the puzzle pieces and you’re on your way to feeling good.

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