Put some time aside to watch our videos about AHCC®. Often it helps hearing and seeing experts talk to really understand how a functional food such as AHCC® can make such a big difference in your immune system health. Watch videos from leading doctors discussing the benefits of AHCC®, learn how AHCC® can help you fight of colds and flus, discover how AHCC® is made, and learn how AHCC® works to strengthen your immune system.
AHCC® Symposium: Dr. Bob Martin
AHCC® Symposium: Dr. Bob Martin on the Conditions for ®AHCC Treatment
AHCC® Symposium: Dr. Jaime Salas
AHCC® Symposium: Dr. Jaime Salas Video 2
AHCC® Symposium: Dr. Francisco Karkow
Research Presentations on AHCC®
AHCC® Production Process Overview
Expert Tips For Fighting The Flu
AHCC® Boosts Power of Flu Vaccine
AHCC®– How It Works
Introducing Dr Aron Katz, Columbia University Center for Holistic Urology
Dr. Pescatore on AHCC® on the Fox Morning Show
AHCC® for Immune Suppor during the Flu Season ( W-News 10)
AHCC® on B-News 9
AHCC® – Dr. Kenna Stephenson Interview

Please beware of some products sold online claiming to be “generic versions” of AHCC®. These are considered “adulterated” by the FDA. Click here to see all the authentic verified AHCC® products from various nutritional supplement brands.