What is AHCC®?

The world’s most researched specialty immune supplement supported by 20 human clinical studies, by over 30 papers published in PubMed-indexed journals and by more than 100 pre-clinical and in vitro studies.

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AHCC® Research Association is dedicated to providing the latest information on AHCC® to ensure consumers understand what AHCC® is, how it works, news articles, and studies on its clinically-proven efficacy in addressing a wide range of ailments.


Browse this detailed list of magazine and newspaper articles about AHCC®. In this list, you’ll find well-written and carefully researched articles about every aspect of AHCC® and your immune system health.


The content of our blog will help you learn more about AHCC® which can help you fight colds and flu, defend against HPV, live better with cancer, and insight into the research done into AHCC®.

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Please beware of some products sold online claiming to be “generic versions” of AHCC®. These are considered “adulterated” by the FDA. Click here to see all the authentic verified AHCC® products from various nutritional supplement brands.