What is AHCC® good for? Everything You Need to Know

There are endless uses for the immune support extract AHCC, and research continues to explore the benefits of this mushroom-derived compound. However, there are some groundbreaking studies on AHCC and how it alleviates symptoms in patients with ailments such as cancer, liver damage, infections, diabetes, heart conditions, and inflammation. 

Who can take AHCC?

Anyone can take AHCC, regardless if you are ill, because a strong immune system can improve your quality of life for most people. An immune enhancement compound like AHCC can provide a boost in energy, brain function, and muscle activity. Therefore, taking it routinely can improve your overall well-being and productivity!

Children are able to take AHCC in doses recommended by a pediatrician. Children’s immune systems are the most vulnerable and most resilient. AHCC can ensure your child is protected at school and extracurriculars, especially during the coronavirus pandemic as schools are reopening for in-person classes.

It has been studied that AHCC can be administered to your pets as well. Animal immune systems work differently than humans but can still benefit from the boost that AHCC has to offer. If your pet is struggling with an illness, it could be worth it to give them a veterinarian-supervised dose of AHCC for extra immune support.

Who should take AHCC?

Professional athletes rely on their immune systems more than you may think. A strong immune system can aid muscle recovery and promote muscle endurance. The strain that an athlete’s body undergoes requires quick replenishment, and the immune system has a hand in that. Without a strong immune system, athletes may become lethargic and more susceptible to injury. 

AHCC can also come in handy when recovering from an injury. While the body is working hard to heal the injury, AHCC is supporting the immune system, and therefore one may experience a quicker reduction in inflammation and speedier recovery.

Healthcare workers are at risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria every day they go to work. Therefore, immune enhancement is essential for the frontline! Now more than ever, with the coronavirus lurking through hospitals, it is crucial that healthcare workers protect themselves, not only with gloves, face shields, and masks, but also with immune-boosting compounds, to help prevent contracting the illness themselves. 

AHCC finely tunes the immune system by promoting T-cell production, which are the cells responsible for memorizing viruses and strategizing against them when re-exposed. It is important for healthcare workers to build up their immunity, and AHCC spurs that process.

College students who live in residential halls, and sit in lecture rooms, are at constant risk of contracting illnesses from their peers. It is extremely easy to spread a virus through a college dorm since everyone lives in close quarters. On top of that, college students are consistently under the stress of deadlines and classwork, and since stress weakens the immune system, it makes the body very susceptible to catching an illness. 

AHCC is a great extract that can help keep the immune system intact, even when the body is under stress. Therefore, AHCC is a great supporter to administer to stressed-out college students that live in dormitories. 


No matter who you are, you should consider taking an immune-supporting ingredient like AHCC, because the healthier you stay, the less of a risk there is of you spreading an illness to those around you who may be more vulnerable to serious conditions. It is increasingly important to consider staying healthy not only for yourself but for the ones around you.

AHCC in Clinical Studies


AHCC was initially marketed as a treatment for high blood pressure. Alpha glucans, the prominent compound in AHCC, are known to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. However, the AHCC can also reduce the effects of stress on the body, such as high blood pressure and a suppressed immune system. Hypertension can lead to serious cardiovascular damage; therefore, it is important to treat with prescribed medications, but a compound like AHCC can alleviate the side effects as well as instill preventative measures. 


AHCC has been widely administered to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and operative procedures as an immunotherapy supporter. Patients widely reported decreased side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, and even hair loss. Chemo kills healthy cells, which is why patients experience intense immunosuppression, such as low T-cell and white blood cell counts.

AHCC, works in conjunction with these essential cells, protecting them and ensuring optimal production. This is why patients undergoing chemo may report lessened side effects while taking AHCC.

It is also suggested that AHCC is correlated with reduction in tumor size in cancer patients. Those administered AHCC alongside radiation and chemotherapy have observed tumor shrinkage, significantly more when taking AHCC than when not. Those also who have undergone blood transfusions were less likely to need another procedure after taking AHCC long term. 

The last thing that AHCC alleviates in cancer patients is the chance of post-surgical infection. Breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomies were given AHCC during their recovery. They reported that there were no problems with infections. In addition, these patients had less of a chance of recurrence afterward. This suggests that AHCC may have a hand in cancer remission.


The liver is responsible for filtering toxins out of the body; therefore, liver damage is an incredibly serious condition. Many things can cause liver damage, such as Hep-C, cancer, and poor lifestyle choices. 

When the liver is overwhelmed, it produces large amounts of liver enzymes that are known to damage the liver tissue. For example, high levels of liver enzymes can be associated with the overconsumption of alcohol because the liver is working overtime to filter out the toxins the enzymes used in that process become cumbersome. 

AHCC is known to reduce the liver damaging enzymes provoked by hepatitis-C, alcohol consumption, and other liver ailments. Because AHCC works with the immune system, when the liver becomes damaged, it assists in filtering out the toxins, and therefore decreases the amount of liver damaging enzymes. 


AHCC boosts the immune system and prevents infections after surgeries. A serious incision is the most likely place bacteria can enter the body and cause infection, and because the immune system is working hard to heal the wound, the body becomes susceptible to infection. 

Post-surgical infection can even be deadly in some cases—this where AHCC can be administered as an immune-enhancing compound. Therefore, while the immune system works hard to heal the incision, AHCC supports the immune system and protects the body.


AHCC is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. When the body becomes hurt or damaged white blood cells flush out the affected areas and cause inflammation. Inflammation is a natural immune system response, but chronic inflammation, such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases, can cause damage to healthy tissue. Therefore, AHCC promotes the immune system’s anti-inflammatory response by encouraging the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines, which are the chemical messengers in the immune system that communicate with the white blood cells.


Some studies have revealed that AHCC can lower blood sugar levels. Type 1 diabetes is considered an autoimmune disorder, where the pancreas is unable to produce the needed amount of insulin to move glucose in the blood. Type 2 diabetes is generally brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle and diet but can also be caused by a wide range of factors, and like type 1, results in high blood glucose levels. 

High blood sugar can affect nerves and lead to permanent damage in the body. Therefore, it is important to treat diabetes with prescribed medications as it can be fatal if neglected. Additionally, compounds like AHCC work to lessen the symptoms of diabetes by lowering blood sugar and regulating the immune system.


AHCC promotes overall wellness due to its ability to boost the immune system. Whether you are a person who struggles with an ailment or not, AHCC is a beneficial extract that can improve your quality of life. 

In summary, AHCC has preventative benefits, as it works intimately with your immune system. In the coronavirus pandemic, it is increasingly important to consider immune support. In places such as healthcare centers, schools, colleges and places of work the spread of illness is inevitable. Therefore it’s up to you to take precautions and protect yourself and the ones around you by practicing good immune health.

AHCC can also alleviate symptoms of numerous ailments. The most groundbreaking reports have been from cancer patients, who have observed lessened symptoms of chemotherapy and generally speedier recoveries from surgery. AHCC supports the immune system when it is under stress; whether you are fighting an infection, recovering from liver damage, or healing an injury, this compound can promote wellness. 

Boosting the immune system is incredibly important, and there are many more natural ways to keep healthy. Regulating your diet, exercising regularly, reducing anxiety, and getting enough sleep can prevent immune suppression. 


A healthy lifestyle paired with AHCC is the recipe for an energetic, productive, and meaningful life. How could AHCC improve your life? 

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