In 2006 my psa-test was 1.8 ng/ml,in 2008 it jumped to 3.5,my family doctor let me go to a urologist. He checked the psa again, dre(digital rectal exam),but at that time I could feel the symptoms like frequent urination, dripped, burning sensation and blood in the urine.

After biopsy the result was: one specimen had 5% malignancy and gleason score 6, the second one had “atypical acinar proliferation” and the other 2 negative, also the psa was still 3.1 and dre negative.

I started taking AHCC in march 2009 and still until today, psa did not increase and almost constant between 2.3-3.8 for about 3 years and negative dre. Even with the bonescan in sept.2010, no symptoms of metastasis.

The wonder is after taking AHCC for 1 month, the prostate symptoms was gone. The urologist said that my cancer is not growing and I told him I had regular intake of AHCC.

Ken S. Costa Mesa, CA

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