Taking AHCC: What to Know when Using this Nutritional Supplement

Taking AHCC: What to Know when Using this Nutritional Supplement

Now that you have read about the research surrounding the use of AHCC and its benefits, you likely want to know how to best take this nutritional supplement. In this post, we’ll answer all of your questions about taking AHCC. To read the full details on this important topic, turn to Chapter 7 in The Patient’s Guide to AHCC 

Taking AHCC

AHCC is manufactured by only one company: Amino Up Chemical Co, Ltd and it’s available in fine, soft granules in capsules and as a liquid. AHCC should never be taken by injection. In addition to this, it is important to understand the following about taking AHCC:

  • For those of you in good health who want to take AHCC as a preventative measure and/or to maintain good health, one to three grams is the suggested dosage.
  • If you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, then three to six grams daily is recommended. This dosage can be reduced to three grams daily after the treatment has ended. It’s best to take AHCC in divided doses three times a day.
  • For children, the dose must be reduced by up to 50 percent since children tend to have a lower body weight.
  • For elderly patients the dosage needs to be moderated based on physical condition and should be introduced gradually. Read page 62 in The Patient’s Guide to AHCC to learn more about our recommendations for the elderly.

You should always consult a healthcare provider before taking AHCC. While there have been no reported side effects when AHCC is taken in appropriate amounts or when taken with conventional medications or supplements, we recommend you to talk to your healthcare professional prior to taking AHCC.

Quality and Safety

AHCC is manufactured by only one company under a strict, proprietary production method and culturing system. Turn to page 63 of The Patient’s Guide to AHCC to learn more about the precise methods used to prevent contamination and ensure you get a clean and pure supplement.

Since AHCC was first developed in 1983, safety studies have been conducted according to standards equivalent to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for clinical research protocols on the safety of medicines. GMPs provide standards for toxicity tests in animal testing. Read Chapter 7 in The Patient’s Guide to AHCC to learn more about the strict safety and quality standards followed.

Taking AHCC with Other Medications

Research, including evaluations done by Dr. Judith A. Smith, has shown that AHCC can be taken along with most conventional medications without initiating any drug-supplement interactions.

This being said, it is important you contact your doctor before taking AHCC, particularly if you are taking Zofran or Sertraline. Read page 64 in The Patient’s Guide to AHCC to learn more about this important information.

Natural Ways to Enhance Your Immune System

While AHCC is proving to be an excellent way to enhance and strengthen your immune system, we do recommend you undertake some simple lifestyle habits in order to help ensure a strong and healthy immune system:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Manage stress
  • Follow a nutritious diet
  • Stay socially connected
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Avoid environmental toxins

Read pages 64 – 66 to learn more about these lifestyle habits and how they can make a great difference in how you feel.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident about taking AHCC and this is why recommend you to download and read The Patient’s Guide to AHCC. Our goal is to equip you with all the information and details you need in order to understand how this nutritional supplement can be used effectively to strengthen your immune system. Remember that before taking AHCC it is important to consult your healthcare provider, while studies show that AHCC is safe, your doctor should be aware of all supplements you are taking.

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