Spring Clean Your Body and Mind

Spring Clean Your Body and Mind

Around this time of the year there is lots of talk, articles and videos about spring cleaning. Most of this focus is on spring cleaning your house – getting rid of the 10 extra black sweaters, 5 identical pairs of jeans, stacks of worn-out towels, and kitchen gadgets you used once. While this kind of spring cleaning is very cathartic and good for the community (donate these items – don’t throw them out!) – we don’t want you to neglect spring cleaning for your body and mind as well.

Yes, your body and mind can use a reboot during this time of the year. Depending on where you live, you’ve dug out of a season of snow, rain, dark, damp, wind, and generally not the nicest weather. Throw in the post-holiday haze and chaos that does linger for quite a while. Mix in the tough month of February and the new world order of 2017 – and we’ve all got a lot going on.
During the winter months, all of us seek comfort. Favorite television shows, familiar authors, warm gooey cheesy dishes, pasta, stews, and desserts that bring back happy childhood memories. While this is a natural desire, too much of this comfort seeking can lead to over-indulgence and ultimately a feeling of sluggishness and overall fatigue.

Now, we’re not trying to make you feel guilty about this. Heck, we plan on having a big old stew tonight and tucking into The Gilmore Girls – but we want you to think about how you can get started on feeling lively and active for the upcoming spring and summer months. Just like you give your house a deep-clean, now is the time to give your body and mind a deep-cleanse (no juice fasts here).

Why Spring Clean?

Think of your skin, your hair, your mental health, your immune system, your joints, and your smile. You want to feel and look good – both inside and out. This is what spring cleaning can do for you. Now, don’t worry, we’re not advocating a juice fast or super strict diet.

Nope, instead we want to suggest that you incorporate a few simple things into your daily routine. These small subtle steps will add up and make a big difference in how you feel both inside and out.

  • Soak up some Vitamin D: it’s a fact that we don’t get enough Vitamin D. One of the best ways to do this is to get outside. Go for a walk. Dig out your bike. Have a picnic. Take the kids to the park. Just get outside and enjoy being in the fresh air. Not only will you get some much-needed Vitamin D, but the fresh air and exercise will help your body and mind regenerate.
  • Drink, drink and drink: drink water that is! When we are dehydrated by just 2%, we start to feel the effects. So, we want you to drink. Enjoy a large glass of water with some fresh squeezed lemons first thing in the morning. This is a great way to wake up your digestive system and a good way to get a dose of Vitamin C first thing in the morning. Aim to drink 2 liters a water a day. Yes, that seems like a lot but if you aim to drink a 500 ml glass of water before each meal, you’re practically there. This steady dose of water will have your skin and hair looking good and help stave off headaches and lethargy.
  • Natural supplements: sometimes your body needs an extra boost and this is when natural supplements can make a big difference. There are days when we simply can’t get enough vegetables, miss out on sleep, drink too much coffee, or are simply feeling stretched in multiple directions. This is normal. This is life in 2017. Taking a natural supplement such as AHCC will help you to naturally and safely aid and boost your immune system. The better and stronger your immune system is, the more able you are to feel and live your best. Part of spring cleaning your body and mind is thinking about your health and wellness – making AHCC part of your day will help hold back colds, flus, and other viruses that become active in the spring months.
  • Go green: whether it’s spinach in your smoothie, extra broccoli on your plate, some roasted Brussel sprouts, a bag of kale chips – we want you to go green. Try to incorporate greens into your lunch and supper. Maybe you can bake up a loaf of zucchini bread or muffins that incorporate both zucchini and carrots – these are a delicious and easy way to get more greens and veggies into your diet. Do some Google searching for veggie muffins or veggie bread – your body will be happy you did!

These are just a few ideas of what you can do at this time of the year to spring clean your body and mind. We want to hear from you – tell us what you do during the spring to kick start your health and wellness. Remember to download our free guide to AHCC and learn all you can about how this natural supplement can help you feel your best.

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