Recent Research About AHCC and Cancer

Recent Research About AHCC and Cancer

Cancer. An ugly word. A word no one wants to hear or talk about. Unfortunately, each and every one of us knows someone who has been impacted by cancer. You might in fact be fighting cancer. Cancer sucks. There is no other way to state it. The search for a cure for a cancer is one that some of the best minds in the world are dedicated to. This disease doesn’t discriminate by age, race, gender, or economic status. It can hit all of us and it can hit us hard.
AHCC was developed to keep you and us healthy. We do not operate in a vacuum outside of the realities of day-to-day life. So we’ve made it one of our research goals to learn all we can about cancer and to explore the ways in which AHCC can help those of you dealing with this disease. Yes, lofty goals. But we care and we care deeply about being part of the research world that is working hard to find a cure for cancer. As you know, AHCC has been shown to strengthen and modify your immune system. Working to help your body fight infection, develop better and strong white blood cells, and recognizing when your body is dealing with an unexpected stress or danger. AHCC is both a natural supplement and Japan’s leading alternative cancer therapyIn fact, this daily immune system supplement helps tens of thousands healthy people in Japan and worldwide, looking to help their bodies fight the formation of abnormal cells, whose growth can lead to cancer, chronic disease and infections (such as the influenza/flu virus).

AHCC and Cancer

As you know, there is no cure for cancer. But there are many supplements and medications you can take to help you recover from cancer and fight off cancer. Numerous studies and trials have been conducted to evaluate how and why AHCC can make a difference when fighting cancer.In fact, in one landmark trial with 269 patients with liver cancer, of those who took AHCC after surgery – 34.5% of the AHCC group had a recurrence of cancer 10 years later compared to 66.1% in the group who did not take AHCC. Another study found that AHCC both prolonged survival of advanced liver cancer patients but it also improved their quality of life, including mental health, overall physical health, and their ability to live a full life. To help you learn more about AHCC and cancer, we’ve compiled a page on our website dedicated to this research. Learn how AHCC has been studied with respect to different types of cancer:
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Gastric cancer
  • Head and neck cancer
You can choose to download the complete PDF of the study or the summary – but the point is, we want you to know and understand that we are working hard to make sure you have a healthy and long life. There was a recent study conducted that was fully devoted to breast cancer and AHCC. In this study titled Evaluation of AHCC in Combination With Anticancer Hormones in Orthotopic Breast Cancer Models, the primary objective was to determine the activity of AHCC in combination with commonly used anticancer hormonal agents (tamoxifen or letrozole). We won’t get into all of the heavy scientific details of the study here, if you do want to read the entire study abstract, download the PDF from SageJournals. The conclusion of this study showed that: “AHCC alone demonstrated potential decreased tumor growth compared with no treatment. Additional studies to evaluate the potential role of AHCC in consolidation/prevention are warranted.” This is all very promising news – for us and for you.

What Can You Do Today?

There is no magic pill or potion that you can take to guarantee you won’t get cancer or that it won’t return. But you can live a full and active life. You can eat your vegetables (try a smoothie for the picky eaters). You can enjoy the fresh air and being outside. You can get adequate rest. You can try to limit the stressors in your body and really focus on what is most important to you. You can take natural supplements such as AHCC to fortify and strengthen your immune system. You can learn and do your own research.. You can contact us with your questions about AHCC and read our FAQ to learn more about us and or mission.
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