Must Know: HPV

Must Know: HPV

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about the human papillomavirus (HPV). We want to put an end to this and give you the information you need to keep yourself and your family protected from HPV.

Keep reading to learn the key facts you need to know about HPV and how AHCC can help prevent HPV-associated cancers and can be a safe and all-natural treatment for HPV

HPV Is Very Common

An estimated 79 million Americans are infected with HPV. Each year, 14 million additional people become infected. Because HPV is so extremely common, almost every person who is sexually active will be infected by HPV if they don’t get the HPV vaccine.

HPV Can Be Transmitted Without Intercourse

While HPV transmission only requires skin-to-skin contact, the most common ways it is transmitted is with vaginal or anal sex. There is no way of knowing if your partner has HPV and a condom doesn’t necessarily prevent HPV transmission.

Men and Women Can Be Infected With HPV

Most people associate HPV with women, but it’s important to emphasize that men can also be infected with HPV. However, even though it’s known that men can be infected with HPV, there is no de facto test for men. Most women are screened for HPV during routine tests for cervical cancer.

HPV Is A Very Complex Virus

There are multiple strains of HPV, ranging from those that cause health problems such as genital warts to HPV strains that cause cancer.

HPV can cause cervical cancer as well as a range of other cancers, including: cancer of the vulva, vagina, penis, or anus. As well, HPV can cause cancer in the back of the throat (the base of the tongue and tonsils), this cancer is called oropharyngeal cancer. Due to the nature of HPV it can take many years for the virus to result in cancer.

The types of HPV that cause genital warts do not cause cancer. However, there is no way of knowing which people infected with HPV will develop cancer or other associated health problems. It is believed that people with weak immune systems have a reduced ability to defend against HPV and are more likely to develop HPV-related health problems.
It’s important to understand the facts around genital warts. Genital warts can appear as small or large bumps around the genitals, they can be raised or flat, or shaped like a cauliflower. If you suspect you or your partner has genital warts, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

The HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine is recommended for all boys and girls aged 11/12 years or older. If your child did not receive the vaccine when young, it’s possible to get a catch-up vaccine (up to 21 for boys and 26 for girls).

The HPV vaccine is recommended for anyone who is sexually active and for people with compromised immune systems.

AHCC and HPV Treatment

Research shows that AHCC can be an effective treatment for HPV and HPV-related cancers. We urge you to read about our recent research study that shows that AHCC can be a successful all-natural HPV treatment.
As well, do watch this recent video posted on with Dr. Judith Smith, PharmaD, BCOP, CPHQ, FCCP, FISOPP, of UTHealth McGovern Medical School, Houston, TX. In this video, Dr. Smith highlights her research into how AHCC has shown promise in eradicating HPV.

It’s important to understand that there is no definitive treatment for the HPV virus. Along with taking AHCC, people infected with HPV have the following treatment options:

  • Genital warts: your healthcare provider can prescribe medication.
  • Cervical precancer: prevention is key here, it’s important that women get regular Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer.
  • HPV-related cancers: the sooner the cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance of treatment and recovery.

Because HPV is common in people with weakened immune systems, we really want you to learn and understand how AHCC can help strengthen your immune system – protecting you from HPV and other common illness, viruses, and bacteria.

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