It’s Time to Get Outside and Have Fun

It’s Time to Get Outside and Have Fun

The warmer weather is finally here and this means one thing: getting outside. We all tend to hibernate when it’s snowy, cold, and rainy but as soon as the bright blue sky and sunshine return, we’re all itching to get out and get moving.
The warmer weather is finally here and this means one thing: getting outside. We all tend to hibernate when it’s snowy, cold, and rainy but as soon as the bright blue sky and sunshine return, we’re all itching to get out and get moving. We want you to have an active, fun, and healthy season and to do this, we want you to take a slow and steady approach to getting active again. We all know someone who decided the best thing to do was a 45-minute run every day (when they hadn’t run a step all winter) … yes, you know how this ends up – and we don’t want you to be in the same situation.

Stretch It Out

Maybe you’ve decided to walk for 30 minutes in the evening or your soccer league has started again or maybe you’ve signed up for a long-distance cycling event – regardless you need to support and help your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The best way to do this is to listen to the signals your body is giving you. Are your calf muscles feeling a bit sore after your evening walk? Then it may be a good idea to take a few minutes to stretch your calves in the morning and after your walk. Maybe the start & stop motion of your soccer game has got your thighs aching a bit – stretch out your thigh muscles and treat yourself to an Epsom salt bath after your games. Training for a long-distance cycling event means you’ll be putting strain on your wrists, shoulders, and neck – make sure you stretch your upper body and think about keeping your shoulders relaxed while you’re training.
Just doing a few simple stretches every morning can keep your body feeling loose and ready for whatever activity you decide on. Think back to that first day you spent in the garden last year and how you felt afterwards… now is the perfect time to get your body ready for the bending, lifting, and twisting that comes with a day in the garden.

Drink Up

The more you move, the more you sweat. Everyone has a different sweat rate and it’s important that you’re aware of how much you sweat. The more you sweat, the more important it is for you to replace lost fluids, sodium, and electrolytes. This means, that you can’t just rely on a bottle of water after your run, tennis game, or afternoon at the waterpark with the kids. You need to drink something that will help you replace the lost sodium and other electrolytes that you lose from sweating. There is a broad range of products available to you – try to find one that has glucose in it (glucose is key to rehydration) as well as some sodium.
If you’re feeling light-headed, dizzy, or experiencing headaches after you’ve been outside all day, there’s a good chance you’re dehydrated. This can leave you feeling lethargic and sluggish. This is your body’s way of telling you that it’s stressed and needs help. Drink extra fluids and consider taking a day or two of light activity to give your body time to recover.

Don’t Forget the Inside

Being active is one of the best things you can do to support your immune system and overall health. But remember, this new or increased activity is a stressor on your body. This can impact your ability to keep your immune system sharp and strong. We want you to think about your insides when you’re outside. Be aware of how much activity you’re doing and how your body is feeling. Your immune system could be giving you signals that it’s under stress – this can result in a depressed immune system or an over active immune system, two scenarios you don’t want to be in.
Supporting your healthy lifestyle with a proven natural supplement such as AHCC can help ensure that you’re able to keep active and feeling good. You don’t and shouldn’t wait until you’re feeling poorly to start taking a supplement to support your immune system, be proactive and get your body ready to enjoy spring, summer, and fall. (Tip: download and read our free guide about AHCC and learn how it can be part of your daily routine.)

Have Fun

Exercising and being active should never feel like a chore. Find activities that you enjoy and want to do. Whatever it is – Frisbee, playing catch, walking with your friends, swimming, kayaking, etc. – we want you to have fun. The more fun you have, the more your brain will be relaxed and you’ll reap extra benefits from being outside.
(Hint: when you’re relaxed, your immune system can recharge and strengthen itself.) Enjoy the fresh air. Listen to your body. Laugh daily. Support your immune system. Feel good. Stay healthy.

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