Introducing The Patient’s Guide to AHCC

Introducing The Patient’s Guide to AHCC

Our team here at AHCC Research is focused on one thing: your health and wellness. We want you to feel at your best so you can live your best life possible. We want to empower you with the knowledge you need to make clear and informed decisions about your health and wellness.

In light of this, we’ve written a free detailed guide that discusses and explains everything you could ever want and need to know about AHCC. We believe that when you know what we know – you’ll have a much better understanding of how and why so many people are extolling the benefits of AHCC. The Patients Guide to AHCC includes the details and explanations you need to fully understand how AHCC works in your body to strengthen and fortify your immune system. Because this guide is quite detailed, we thought it would be useful to provide you with an overview of the key points from each chapter.

(If you want to skip ahead and download The Patient’s Guide to AHCC, follow this link and the guide will open as a new tab in your browser.)

Introducing AHCC

Whether you’re new to AHCC or have been taking it for a while, you likely have questions about the name and what AHCC does:

  • AHCC = Active Hexose Correlate Compound
  • AHCC is a functional food that is derived from healing mushrooms.
  • AHCC is a potent, versatile gift from nature that has impressive immune system enhancing abilities along with anti-inflammatory properties and healing features.

We’ve learned that strengthening and maintaining a strong immune system is instrumental not only in fighting infections such as colds and flu, but also in protecting your body against and treating many serious diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and cancer – these diseases may share one thing: they may be controlled or otherwise intimately associated with the immune system.

To learn more about the basics of AHCC and why reducing inflammation is crucial, read the introduction to The Patient’s Guide to AHCC. You’ll learn the basics of inflammation and how AHCC can make a positive difference in your life.

Chapter 1: AHCC – A Most Remarkable Mushroom

Chapter 1 of The Patient’s Guide to AHCC is an informative explanation of how AHCC is derived and includes information on how AHCC acts in your body to help combat inflammation. While we can’t provide you with a complete copy of this chapter, we do want you to understand some key information and suggest you download this guide to read more:

    • AHCC is not a genus or species of mushrooms but a unique compound extracted from the hybridization of several subspecies of mushrooms. (Read pages 9 and 10 to get full details on how this occurs.)

The secret to AHCC and how it works in your body lies with the primary ingredient: carbohydrates. Particularly in the carbohydrates known as plolysaccharides (alpha-glucans and beta-glucans). The alpha-glucans are very unique and directly impact your immune system after this natural food is digested and absorbed by your body. The beta-glucans have a positive impact on your immune system by stimulating your intestinal tract, this is often referred to as gut immunity.

  • Because the immune system is present throughout your body and affects every aspect of it, it only makes sense to strengthen your immune system in order to fight, prevent and treat a wide variety of health problems. (To learn more about the new understandings of disease, read pages 12 and 13.)
  • AHCC works in your body as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant and an immunomodulator. In simple terms this means that thanks to AHCC your body can have a strengthened and active immune system that works to prevent the occurrence of common illnesses such as colds and flus as well as being ready to prevent disease such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases and other conditions.
  • AHCC has been and is tested in both animal models and in human clinical studies. This research is the proving ground for AHCC.

Because most of the ailments and diseases that affect people are intimately associated with the immune system, AHCC is a functional food that has a wide-ranging impact on your health and wellness.

Now, we’ve only skimmed the surface of the information contained in Chapter 1 of The Patient’s Guide to AHCC – we suggest you download this guide for free and read through the first chapter. You’ll learn more about how AHCC is derived, how it works in your body and get a clear understanding of how it is tested and analyzed.

Remember, this guide is written for you, the patient, so any questions you may have thought of – are very likely answered in The Patient’s Guide to AHCC.

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