Immunotherapy with AHCC

Immunotherapy with AHCC

Cancer. A word no one wants to hear or think about. But the reality is that someone you know will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. This is why reading Chapter 4 in The Patient’s Guide to AHCC is vital.

In this chapter of the guide, you’ll learn all about cancer treatment, recent studies about cancer treatment and AHCC, and learn details about how cancer is diagnosed, treated, and understood. This blog post highlights some of the key information that we want you to know about AHCC and cancer.

AHCC and Cancer

The most aggressive and far-reaching studies involving the use of AHCC have been in the area of cancer:

  • Since the 1990s, AHCC has been used as a complementary therapy in cancer patients who are undergoing conventional therapy as an immune system booster and in the process it is a way to help improve their quality of life.
  • By the end of the 1990s, AHCC was being used in about 700 medical institutions – primarily in Japan, where it was developed and registered.
  • AHCC is known in Japan as “health food for cancer.”
  • In the United States, AHCC is being studied at Yale University, Drexel University, Colorado State University and other institutions.

Traditional Cancer Treatments

There are three conventional approaches to cancer treatment: chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. They all have a positive effect on reducing cancer but have a detrimental impact on the immune system.

To learn more about these traditional treatment methods, download and read the full version of The Patient’s Guide to AHCC. A fourth up-and-coming therapy is immunotherapy – this is the category that AHCC belongs in.

Immunotherapy, BRMs, and AHCC

Immunotherapy is a non-toxic method of cancer treatment that utilizes certain parts of the immune system that fight cancer or reduce the side effects that are associated with treatment. These goals can be accomplished by stimulating the body’s immune system to work harder or smarter. This can be done by taking synthetic immune system proteins or other components, known collectively as biological response modifiers (BRMs).

AHCC is biological response modifier. In Japan AHCC is widely considered to be the strongest known immune system strengthening BRM and it is often used alongside conventional cancer treatments. Read pages 40 and 41 of The Patient’s Guide to AHCC for examples of two studies that explored the impact AHCC can have on the immune system of cancer patients. (Hint – it is all good news and very promising research.)

AHCC and Immune Surveillance

A healthy immune system performs a function called immune surveillance, in which it uncovers the presence of cancer cells and tumors throughout the body:

  • This surveillance function is critical because cancer cells can hide, thus avoiding detection by the immune system.
  • Restoring immune surveillance means that tumors can be “unmasked” which allows the immune system to detect and destroy them.
Researchers at Yale University and Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd. explored the effect of AHCC on immune surveillance and discovered that AHCC significantly increased levels of timor-antigen-specific immune cells and increased the numbers of NK (natural killer) cells. Read pages 41 and 42 for full details of this ground-breaking research.

AHCC’s Other Anticancer Activities

Rather than kill cancer cells directly, AHCC strengthens and stimulates the healthy immune cells – lymphocytes, natural killer cells, macrophages and other immune compounds – whose job it is to attack and/or destroy cancer cells. AHCC also improves the body’s inherent immunity.

A review of recent research shows that more than 100,000 cancer patients with different types of cancer have been treated with AHCC – results indicate the supplement has been effective in people who have breast, colon, kidney, liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, stomach, testicular and tongue cancers.

Overall, 60 percent of cancer patients who use AHCC along with cancer treatment have derived some benefit from the supplement.

Remember, AHCC is used in addition to conventional cancer treatment – it does not replace chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery or other immunotherapies.

This has just been an overview of how vital AHCC is in helping cancer patients fight and survive cancer. To learn more about the detailed studies and research conducted on AHCC and the different types of cancer and to better understand how AHCC is used along with traditional cancer treatments –download and read The Patient’s Guide to AHCC. Remember, we wrote this guide for you, so that you can fully understand how and why AHCC is such a powerful and important immune system supplement.

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