Digging into the Patient’s Guide to AHCC

Digging into the Patient’s Guide to AHCC

As you know, the AHCC Research team is committed to giving you the information and tools you need to make smart informed decisions about your health and wellness. This is why we have written a free and detailed guide about AHCC. The Patient’s Guide to AHCC

is a comprehensive look at how AHCC works and can work for you to ensure the best health possible. Now, this guide is very detailed and we know that not everyone has the time to spend reading an 80-page document. So in this blog post and in our previous post, we provide an overview of the information provided in this free guide.

Chapter 2: Introducing Your Immune System

In Chapter 2 of The Patient’s Guide to AHCC, we start to learn about the immune system and how it is so critical in ensuring that you are healthy. While we can’t get into the scientific details about your immune system in this blog post, we do provide an overview of the key information provided. To learn the ins and outs of how your immune system functions to keep you well and ready for any invaders, read Chapter 2: Introducing Your Immune System

  • Your immune system is constantly “on,” monitoring your body for any problems including: the presence of abnormal cells, renegade cell growth and antigens (unwelcome bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, toxins and other organisms that could trigger health problems).
  • Your immune system is your body’s protection mechanism against infectious organisms and other unwelcome substances. The immune response triggered by your immune system identifies, targets and attacks the bacteria, viruses and other antigens that can cause disease.
  • The main cells involved in immune system function are your white blood cells or leukocytes. The lymphatic system is the key transportation system that delivers lymphatic fluid throughout your body. Lymphatic fluid is responsible for delivering nutrients and chemical messengers to your body’s cells and interacts with your circulatory system to carry waste material away from your cells.
    Read page 19 of The Patient’s Guide to AHCC for a detailed explanation of every aspect of your immune system.
  • There are two parts to your immune system: humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity. Humoral immunity is mediated by the secretion of antibodies produced by B lymphocytes and other processes. Cell-mediated immunity is an immune response to an invasion of antigens. (This is a brief overview, see pages 21 and 22 for more information.)
  • It’s important to remember that AHCC is a functional food that can help protect your immune system when it is functioning well and when it is not. AHCC can protect you from getting sick and tackle the factors that cause you to be sick.
  • Numerous studies have demonstrated that AHCC has the ability to promote and stimulate significant positive changes in your immune system. Read page 23 to learn how AHCC impacts the key components of your immune system.
  • As you age, your immune system begins to weaken and this immunodeficiency makes older adults more susceptible to infectious conditions ranging from the flu to pneumonia, cancer and other serious conditions. To learn about two studies that show very strong results for AHCC and the health of the elderly, see page 24 in The Patient’s Guide to AHCC.

To Learn More about AHCC and Your Health

We urge you to download the free guide about AHCC and take the time to read it thoroughly. This blog post touches only briefly on the details of your immune system and how critical AHCC is in ensuring you are healthy and well.

Any questions you may have about AHCC are covered in our informative, patient-driven guide – The Patient’s Guide to AHCC is for you!

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