4 Ways on How to Live Happily and Healthy with your Family

4 Ways on How to Live Happily and Healthy with your Family

During the month of February, our thoughts are typically with our loved ones. It seemed that everywhere you went last month, you saw red cards, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and beautiful bouquets of flowers. While these gifts are a great way to show your loved ones how important they are to you – what if you could give them an even better gift?
The gift of a long happy and healthy life together. That’s right, do more than just give your husband or wife a box of chocolates or your kids the latest toy and goofy card – give them the gift of a great life. This might sound like a lot to ask from a gift, but really what you’ll be doing is incorporating some very simple yet rewarding lifestyle changes that will reap you and your family benefits for years to come.


You’ve likely heard this countless times, but family meal time is vital in ensuring the health and happiness of you, your spouse and your children. Family meal time is the perfect opportunity to get caught up on the day, to discuss plans for the future, and to find out if there is anything troubling your family members. We understand that modern families are very busy, so aim to have a minimum of five family meals.
These can be things like pancake breakfasts on the weekend, a Friday night pizza party, a Saturday afternoon picnic, or even a before bed treat. Just make the effort to sit down and be together for meals – this is a habit that will go a long way with building a strong family connection.


Healthy parents often translate to healthy kids and a healthy family life. So don’t neglect the things you need to do to ensure you’re feeling at your best. Just like you urge your kids to take a daily vitamin, don’t neglect the supplements that you know will help you feel and stay at your healthiest.
Remember to take your B12, AHCC ,iron pill and multi-vitamin. When you take supplements like this you’re equipping your body to work at its highest potential and giving yourself a healthy immune system – ensuring that you’re able to protect yourself and your kids from contagious viruses and bacteria.


Children feed off of your energy. This means that you need to set a great example for your kids by making a real effort to laugh, smile and be relaxed. When you’re happy and relaxed you’ll see that your kids are much more at ease and more likely to open up and tell you about their day at school or share a goofy joke with you.


Now, we don’t believe you should be telling your kids everything and involving them in every decision you make, but it is important to ensure that your kids feel like real members of the family. This means, that when there is something troubling you that does impact your kids, it can be a good idea to share this with your kids. For example, if you have a migraine or are simply feeling wiped out with the flu, tell your kids so they understand why you’re not interested in a movie night or playing a video game. You’ll be surprised at how well this can turn out and you might find yourself enjoying a surprise breakfast in bed or extra tidy bedrooms!
We want you to feel at your best at all times. When you feel great, it’s easy to incorporate these simply tips into your life – giving everyone involved the gift of a happy and healthy life. So remember to listen to the advice that you’ve heard before: laugh, smile, eat well, take your supplements, and don’t be afraid to communicate. Make everyday a special day – your family will thank you for it.

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