My name is Karen Rydeen-Kaska and my husband has stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma.

About 3 ½ yrs ago he had blood in his urine and went to the doctor. They found that he had almost a football size tumor on his right kidney. Within one week he was in surgery to remove it (along with the kidney). They thought they got it all. About 2 yrs later he went back to the doctor and found that the cancer had metastized through out his body (7 tumors: 2 in pelvis, one at base of spine on L2 and 4 in lymph nodes in his chest). They estimated that Chris had only about a year to live.

They told us that RCC did not respond well to Chemotherapy and that the cancer had progressed so far that he would not benefit from Chemo anyways. They offered him no hope.

With no traditional options in order we sought alternative/natural treatment. We were introduced to a scientist who has studied alternative ways of killing cancer for over 40 yrs. He works in a laboratory where he applies various supplements to test tubes with cancer cells and evaluates what things kill what etc. For years he has confirmed AHCC ImmunoKinoko is the BEST of all manufacturers of ImmunoKinoko. He put Chris on the 3 ImmunoKinoko capsules per day. He also told Chris to take some other things too. Like PolyMVA and Beta Glucan.

Anyhow, Chris started taking these things and sure enough scan after scan after scan (done 3 mths apart) showed no new cancer growth PLUS the tumors that he already had were shrinking in size. The doctors couldn’t believe it. So now, 2 yrs later, Chris only has 6 of the 7 tumors left and of the remaining 6, they are all smaller than their original size. We fully believe that it is due to the ImmunoKinoko, Beta Glucan and PolyMVA. How could it not be? He hasn’t had any other treatment.

Anyhow, he is only 38 yrs old and likely he will be taking these supplements the rest of his life. Of course it adds up pretty quickly. When I told this story to the makers of PolyMVA they invited me to submit my testimonial and in return would receive 50% off each bottle of PolyMVA (original price $230) up to the # of bottles he is estimated to drink per month (which is 5 cause he takes 2 tablespoons 4x a day which equates to about 4 ½ bottles per month).



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