I found an animal study on AHCC very compelling. It suggested that AHCC has antioxidant effects and may protect against disorders induced by oxidative stress.

Animal studies have shown AHCC to enhance resistance to bacterial infection by increasing inflammatory cytokine and chemokine expression as well as lymphocytes. AHCC can enhance mice’s resistance to West Nile virus by improving T-cell response.

In chemotherapy-induced granulocytopenic mice, AHCC improved immune response to the fungal agent Candida albicans. AHCC has been shown to enhance natural killer cell activity in vitro and induces the endogenous cytokine IL-12 in mice.

John M., MD Columbia, MO

Please beware of some products sold online claiming to be “generic versions” of AHCC®. These are considered “adulterated” by the FDA. Click here to see all the authentic verified AHCC® products from various nutritional supplement brands.