My husband is 45 years old. He was diagnose with stage 4 lung cancer Feb, 16 2005, Joe started taking AHCC 1 week later, 3 weeks before his first treatment started, he has had 8 chemo treatments and 30 radiation treatments. Joe has had no side effects of any kind, when they did his CAT scan on April 20; this scan was just for radiation adjustment for treatment no die involved, it shoed that the tumors in his lungs had a 50% reduction already.
We were told by the Radiologist not to take the AHCC that it would interfere with the success of the treatments. Joe’s thoughts were “I’m already in stage 4 what could it hurt” so he continued. I thank God every day that he continued to take it.

We saw the oncologist on June 2 2005, Joe has 1 more chemo treatment, but the doctor suspects that Joe has already gone into remission. Joe’s tumor in his lung was so bad he could not even talk without stopping to take a breath. Today he has not problem doing anything. They even told him that the hair on his chest would not grow back were he had the radiation, well he proved them wrong again, it is growing back.

My dad died Oct 5 2003 from lung cancer and never once did I think to go on the Internet to find anything, I watched my dad die a painful death from the same cancer as my husband has. But I believe my husband is going to beat this from the bottom of my heart, and I believe it because of AHCC. Everyone that is battling cancer should know about AHCC. Joe takes 6 gms a day and will continue that dosage until his last treatment on June 16th 2005 then we do the PET scan and another CAT scan at the end of June. I will let you know how we make out. I KNOW IT WILL BE ALL GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!


Sent: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 11:20:21 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: My husband takes ahcc in stage 4 lung cancer.

Dear friend. Joan and Joe Z here to fill you in on Joe’s progress in his Cancer treatments. Joe has been taking 6 grams of AHCC since Feb of 2005, he had 9 chemo treatments and 32 radiation treatments, had lost almost no hair, and lost no weight, was never once sick.
Joe just lowered the dose of AHCC to 3 grams a day. Joe had his PET scan July 6 and the Doctors appt. was today July 7. The two tumors in the lung is gone, the spot on the liver, gone, the spot on the adrenal gland went from 6.9 to 5.2 and it should read 2.0-3.5 so he is doing very well, the doctor put him on Tarceva and feels this will take care of the rest of the cancer, just don’t forget that Joe’s last chemo treatment was just 2 weeks ago. We go back for the next PET scan in 3 months and I hope that the next time you hear from me I will be able to tell you that all the cancer is out of his body.

Joan Z

Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 14:41:36 -0400

Subject: Re: My husband takes ahcc in stage 4 lung cancer

But Joe and I went to the Doctor on Aug. 4th. Joe is in remission. I gave everything I could find on the internet to his doctor the other day. After reading some of it he said what ever Joe is doing not to stop. He is doing great; His blood work was 100% perfect. He did ask if he could keep all of the research I printed so he could read more. And it was the AHCC and no one could convince me of anything different.

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